Rumor has it you might be struggling with some things right now.

Maybe you can't stop worrying about what the future will look like.

Maybe you're feeling frustrated with your partner or kids now that you're together 24/7.

Maybe you live alone and are lonely as heck.

Maybe your boundaries have become unhealthy or non-existent.

We hear ya. And we're here to help.

The Still Kickin Struggle Series is a set of weekly calls that dives into the tough stuff you're experiencing in this strange new world — and, more importantly, how you can move forward in the face of that tough stuff. Learn how to better cope with your new reality with help from some of our favorite feelers and healers.

"Systems of Support" with Natalia Terfa, Thursday, May 28th at 8PM Central

Out of respect for the escalating circumstances in Minneapolis, we are rescheduling this session for a later date. Thanks for understanding.

"Finding Time" with Jesse Ross, Thursday, June 11th at 8PM Central


  • All calls will take place via Zoom (aka everyone's favorite platform right now) on Thursday nights at 8PM Central
  • Each talk will include 40 minutes of speaker-led presentation followed by 20 minutes of Q+A
  • Don't have Zoom? You can download the app for free in your device's app store.
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