The good news? You’re a lovely person. The bad news? Racism is so deeply ingrained in the history of the United States that racial injustice is part of the air we breathe. Consequently, it is virtually impossible to move through this society completely unaffected by racism. 

Not committing hate crimes does not an anti-racist make. Because of how deep racism runs in our world, sometimes we can be racist and not even recognize it as such.

Only after we acknowledge our complicity in the racist structures surrounding us, can we dismantle the stronghold of white supremacy. It takes work. Good, honest work. It takes disciplined intentionality to live an anti-racist life.

It’s time to strengthen our anti-racist work ethic. It is our calling as lovely people.

NOTE: This session was pre-recorded and is not a live event.


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The Rev. Angela T. Khabeb joined the Holy Trinity ministry staff in August 2018. Pastor Angela, a Bridges Scholar, completed seminary at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago where she won the James Kenneth Echols Prize for Excellence in Preaching.

Pastor Angela completed her undergrad at Carthage College in Kenosha. She is originally from Omaha, Nebraska but has lived in many other cities, including Chicago, Denver, Kenosha, and Springfield, Missouri. From 2000-2002, Angela was an ELCA missionary in Namibia, Africa where she met and married her husband, Benhi. Benhi and Angela have been married since 2001 and they have three wonderful children: Konami, Khenna, and Khonni. In their spare time, this vibrant family enjoys world music, creative writing, leisurely walks and bike riding.

Pastor Angela’s core spiritual belief is quite simple: Jesus is intimately and infinitely concerned with each and every one of us.


Adrienne VanZomeren helps oversee our online communities and is a longtime Still Kickin volunteer and pal. By day, she's a clinical psychologist specializing in depression and anxiety, a researcher studying the impact of early life adversity, a professor teaching graduate and undergraduate students, and a yoga instructor. She completed her Ph.D. at Harvard Medical School/Boston Children’s Hospital, which we think is pretty dang cool. By night, she can usually be found watching “Dateline” on the couch with her boyfriend and her 14-year-old German Shepherd.