We tend to live our lives based on stories we hear as children. These stories become reinforced and strengthened over time through narratives, interactions and experiences. And very rarely do we deconstruct these stories to examine the biases that are rooted within them.

This interactive dialogue between Dr. Woodard and our facilitator, Adrienne, serves to help us gain an understanding of our dominant stories about Black communities and illuminate the bias that is inherent within these narratives.

NOTE: This session was pre-recorded and is not a live event.


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Dr. Gabrielle Woodard recently received her Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. She has a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Rochester (NY) and a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Spanish from The University of Alabama. 

Dr. Woodard’s dissertation was the initial development of an implicit bias training manual for police officers, integrating narrative therapy. Her dissertation, titled: Deconstructing Implicit Bias Using Narrative-Based Principles: a Training Manual for Law Enforcement, was one of the first manuals to utilize narrative therapy techniques to uncover and challenge deeply rooted racial biases held by police officers. This manual was evaluated by professionals in the fields of law enforcement, marriage and family therapy, and diversity consulting. Dr. Woodard is working on publishing this work soon.

She currently works as postdoctoral resident, where she provides individual, couples and group therapy to undergraduate and graduate level students and supervision to master’s and doctoral level trainees. She utilizes a social justice framework in her work with clients and supervisees.


Adrienne VanZomeren helps oversee our online communities and is a longtime Still Kickin volunteer and pal. By day, she's a clinical psychologist specializing in depression and anxiety, a researcher studying the impact of early life adversity, a professor teaching graduate and undergraduate students, and a yoga instructor. She completed her Ph.D. at Harvard Medical School/Boston Children’s Hospital, which we think is pretty dang cool. By night, she can usually be found watching “Dateline” on the couch with her boyfriend and her 14-year-old German Shepherd.