Protests & Privilege with Jesse Ross

More than 300 people joined our executive director Jesse Ross this summer for two sessions on protests and privilege. These virtual gatherings provided a safe space to listen and learn about anti-racism work from a valued friend and colleague.

We're now offering these sessions as part of a bundled package — $20 gets you access to the two video recordings (nearly 3 hours of content).

These sessions were pre-recorded and are not live events.

Interested in learning more from Jesse? (He does this kind of work for a living all around the country!) Let him know what you're interested in here.


- the “why” behind protests and looting

- creating boundaries with people who don’t support anti-racism efforts

- the difference between saying we value Black lives, diversity, equity, etc. and actually living those values

- the importance of challenging and interrogating all of our current systems

- continuing conversations about race and weaving them into our daily lives


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Jesse is an executive coach, consultant and international speaker who works with leaders and professionals on personal and professional development. He focuses on transformation from the inside out and believes that everyone he encounters should expect ascension. Jesse has a keen ability to apply his education, training and certifications; 15 years of business; and practical experience to motivate others to greatness, increase productivity, and to take their rightful place as leaders. He's also the executive director of Still Kickin's nonprofit organization.


Adrienne VanZomeren helps oversee our online communities and is a longtime Still Kickin volunteer and pal. By day, she's a clinical psychologist specializing in depression and anxiety, a researcher studying the impact of early life adversity, a professor teaching graduate and undergraduate students, and a yoga instructor. She completed her Ph.D. at Harvard Medical School/Boston Children’s Hospital, which we think is pretty dang cool. By night, she can usually be found watching “Dateline” on the couch with her boyfriend and her 14-year-old German Shepherd.