Phone Wallpaper Downloads

(they're free!)

It's a strange and scary world out there right now, and we totally realize a free phone or computer wallpaper isn't going to solve people's problems. But they're colorful and bright and that's gotta count for something, right?

To download the full-size version, right click (on a PC) or control click (on a Mac), then select "Save Image As" to save to your computer. On your phone, press your finger to the image of your choice and hold down until a prompt appears that says "Add to Photos."

Learn more about the original "It's Going To Be Okay" design here.

Learn more about the original "Better Than Dying" design here.

Moving Forward, Together Phone Wallpaper

Moving Forward, Together Computer Wallpaper

"Better Than Dying" Phone Wallpaper

"It's Going To Be Okay" Phone Wallpaper

"It's Going To Be Oky" Computer Desktop Backgrounds

"It's Going To Be Okay" Animation