Most of us are great in the beginning stages of loss. We know how to write a card, attend a funeral, drop off a hot dish.

But grief is a chronic condition, and the people we care about need support in the long-term.

Grief is lonely, scary and uncomfortable. It can be really hard to know what to do or say to support someone you know who is grieving, and when you’re afraid of doing or saying the wrong thing, it’s just easier to do... nothing.

This e-course is designed to help anyone struggling with how to support a grieving person. It includes two robust audio lessons by Dr. Anna Roth and Nora McInerny, plus a downloadable workbook filled with activities and actionable next steps.




  • understand the physiological, emotional and psychological effects of grief on the person they care about (and on themselves);
  • establish and maintain constructive ways to communicate with and support the griever;
  • identify their own reflexive pity responses and shift toward empathetic and compassionate communication and actions
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